Special snowflakes: An unfair descriptor

Seldom do I shy away from debate — because as my grandmother avidly preaches, “All you’ve got are your convictions.” So, I like to think that’s the notion that prompts my back-and-forth debauchery, or maybe I just revel in the discourse of it all. Either way, it seems my more progressive arguments are too casually... Continue Reading →

Kehlani Connects with Fans on New Record

Kehlani, also referred to as "Lani Tsunami," happens to be exactly that — a force of nature. The 21-year-old R&B siren puts fans in a auditory trance with tunes on her highly anticipated major-label album. SweetSexySavage is Kehlani's shining, artistic moment — evidenced by the time she took with this project. In a time where artists are flooding the... Continue Reading →

Arrival: A Spacey, Smart Sci-fi Flick

Arrival is a science fiction film directed by Denis Villeneuve. The film focuses on a linguist, played by Amy Adams, who trys to communicate with aliens who have landed in Montana. If you have seen any of Villeneuve’s other films, like Sicario, Enemy or Prisoners, then you know that he directs movies that really put... Continue Reading →

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