SBU Love Guru – Not for the faint of heart

With Valentine’s Day almost here many would-be lovers are frantically rushing around searching for the perfect present to give their special someone. Most people are going to the basics: Heart shaped chocolate boxes, roses, cologne, perfume, and jewelry. Basically, stuff people already have, don’t want, or is going to die in a week because your … Continue reading SBU Love Guru – Not for the faint of heart

“Girls know nothing about sports.”

Girls know nothing about sports? That is not the case at all! Ever since I was a little girl, I loved sports. I loved playing them and going to games with my family. I would watch sports games or play sports video games. My brother has taught me a lot and sparked my love for … Continue reading “Girls know nothing about sports.”

Not all things get better with age: Examining Maroon 5’s new album

Moving even further away from its original sound, Maroon 5’s latest album Red Pill Blues is an adventure into pop-land that nobody needs to go on. The album cover alone is enough to question buying the album. The face of Maroon 5 is quite literally becoming as mainstream trash as the new music, with every … Continue reading Not all things get better with age: Examining Maroon 5’s new album

Judah and the Lion take over Buffalo’s Town Ballroom

The Town Ballroom played host to Judah and the Lion and The Academics on a windy Thursday night in Buffalo, New York. I have never been to the venue before, and I must say, the atmosphere is unlike no other. The venue is very close and intimate, with a capacity being marked at just over … Continue reading Judah and the Lion take over Buffalo’s Town Ballroom

An ode to fall

For a lot of people, fall is the best time of the year for many different reasons. People like the colors, the weather, the pumpkin spice everything, but for me, I really like the appearance of nature during the season as well as the overall atmosphere. Walking and appreciating nature has always been one of … Continue reading An ode to fall

A preview of nothing,nowhere.’s Reaper

On Friday October 13, New England alternative artist nothing,nowhere. released his third and final single “Skully” off his latest album Reaper. Nothing,nowhere. combines elements of rap and emo music into each of his songs, which is a rather unexpected pairing. “Skully” starts off with nothing,nowhere. rapping over a dismal electric guitar rift. The beat picks up … Continue reading A preview of nothing,nowhere.’s Reaper

Stats and predictions for the 2017 NFL season

AFC East: The Patriots have gone on a 4-1 run after losing their first game of the season. The offense production has been great for the Patriots, but their defense has been a huge question mark so far, this year. The Buffalo Bills have started strong at 3-2, but need quarterback Tyrod Taylor to continue … Continue reading Stats and predictions for the 2017 NFL season

Predicting the Unpredictable

What a crazy playoff picture! There have been some unexpected turns no one thought would happen. The Cleveland Indians were projected to win the World Series, having the best record in Major League Baseball, but failed to the New York Yankees (91-71) in the American League Division Series (ALDS). The Indians led the series with … Continue reading Predicting the Unpredictable

Demi’s Daddy Issues?

Demi Lovato dropped her sixth studio album, Tell Me That You Love Me, near the end of September. Her first single, “Sorry Not Sorry,” is a mediocre pop anthem, only thriving off of boss women who were bored with every other mainstream song. While there are a few good songs on the album, some of … Continue reading Demi’s Daddy Issues?

Taylor Swift’s unsuccessful sassy side

On the night of the 2017 Video Music Awards, Taylor Swift introduced the world to new music and a new voice. She dropped her first single off of Reputation, “Look What You Made Me Do,” and, shortly after, she dropped another song called “Ready for It?” Swift’s sound has changed over the years from country … Continue reading Taylor Swift’s unsuccessful sassy side