Below Deck goes below the belt

This week on Bravo’s reality show Below Deck, Kate, the chief stewardess, retaliated against the less-than-polite primary guest by showcasing her impeccable blanket-folding skills.

After being called “bitchy” last episode by primary guest, Dean, Kate took her anger out on her former “charter soul mate” by arranging his blanket into the shape of a penis!

I’d like to take a moment to marvel at her fine work. I’m still trying to master a decent napkin fold – this is pure art.

Kate takes towel folding to a new level.  Image courtesy of
Kate takes towel folding to a new level.
Image courtesy of

Though her outburst is understandable, her actions were totally unprofessional and surprising.  She seemed to take her work seriously on previous charters, even going above and beyond by planning scavenger hunts for guests.

While the rest of the crew initially laughed at the display, they all feared Kate had jeopardized their tip. The crew was already having a difficult time keeping up with the charter after Captain Lee fired deckhand Andrew last episode for fabricating his resumé.

It was no surprise the joke didn’t fly well with the captain. Kate only made matters worse by sticking to her mantra, “Lie ‘til you die; deny, deny,” and telling the captain she didn’t fold the blanket.

Her original cover, too transparent to use on Captain Lee, was, “It’s a rocket ship.” Yeah, right.

Once the truth got back to the captain, Kate apologized for lying but defended her actions, claiming the guests were in the wrong for insulting her.

Kate exhibits "Resting Bitch Face."  Image courtesy of
“Resting bitch face” – A real condition where one’s face constantly looks displeased, so much so that the person may be thought to be “bitchy” or “a bitch.”
Example: Kate Chastain, cast-member on Below Deck.
Image courtesy of

After apologizing to the primary and working vigorously to make the rest of the charter perfect, even hiring steel drum players to set the tone for the guests’ “White Party,” the crew received a generous tip from the primary, who admitted he found #BlanketGate funny.

Is this only the beginning of Kate’s antics? Can’t wait to find out next week as the crew embarks on a new charter.

-Brianna Kasperek

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