Listen to Dallas Green and P!nk’s New Single

Dallas Green announced on the official City and Colour Facebook page that he and pop singer P!nk discretely recorded a full album together. He wrote that he headed off to California with nothing but his guitar and a book filled with songs he’d been working on.

P!nk and Dallas Green in their music video for “You + Me.”
Image courtesy of

“I had no clue what would come of it,” he writes. “I was hoping for the best; the best being 1 song. Better than the best happened and after 2 weeks of just the two of us in the studio, we wrote and recorded a full album.”

As a huge fan of both Dallas Green and P!nk, I can only imagine what kind of genius album this will be. They’ve already released one song, “You and Me,” which you can listen to by following the link below.

Rose Ave. is scheduled to make it’s official debut on October 14, 2014.

“The artists met through Alecia’s (P!nk’s) husband Carey Hart and instantly felt a connection and wanted to work together,” reads a statement from the label. “Alecia invited Dallas to Los Angeles to write a song or two and ended up writing 8 songs together in 1 week. The duo then decided to finish and record an album.”

The album art features P!nk and Dallas sitting together on a porch, gazing at one another in a black and white desert landscape. P!nk is wearing a long dress and fedora with a plaid jacket and bare feet. Dallas is wearing his signature cowboy hat, thick rimmed glasses, and dark jacket.

Dallas Green & P!nk’s new album artwork.
Image courtesy of

Listen to their single here:

-Elyse Breeze, Asst. Promotions Director at 88.3 WSBU The Buzz

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