Artist to watch out for – The Tins

Michael Santillo (vocals, keyboard), Adam Putzer (guitar, vocals) and David Muntner (drums, backing vocals) make up the indie rock trio, The Tins. The band from Buffalo, N.Y. formed six years ago at Binghamton University and is working on a new album and documentary.

The band credits their musical influences to The Beatles, The Kinks, Modest Mouse, Wolf Parade, Animal Collective among others.

Robby Takac, bassist, vocalist and one of the founders of The Goo Goo Dolls, is producing their new album. According to The Tins, it’s been awesome working with him.

“He’s a great musician and producer, and he knows how to make a song come to life,” said Muntner.

The documentary will showcase The Tins’ life, the ups and downs of recording, promoting a new record and the pressures they face every day.

“The new album is, in our opinion, riskier than past efforts,” said Muntner. “We’re going for a more experimental and therefore interesting feel, while still keeping the catchy elements of our earlier music.”

They currently have a Kickstarter account to help with their new album and documentary.

Sarah Negron, staff writer

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