2015’s Most Anticipated Albums

Sleater-Kinney, Kendrick Lamar, and Father John Misty have already released fantastic albums in 2015, but they are only an aperitif for what looks to be one of the finest years of music in recent memory. Here is my list of the most enticing LPs set to release in the coming months.

Sufjan Stevens

Technically, Carrie and Lowell is already available to stream online, but an official copy won’t come out until tomorrow (March 31). Having already released three songs, Stevens seems to be channeling more folk-laden, Seven Swans era instrumentals than on his last, more progressive album The Age of Adz. His inspiration for this new release comes from his mother and stepfather, the former of which died in 2012 of cancer. Expect strong emotions and a lot of banjos.

James Blake

Fresh off his Mercury prize-winning, 2013 effort Overgrown, the English singer-songwriter wasted no time and began recording material for his new album, Radio Silence. Even more exciting is that Kanye West and Justin Vernon from Bon Iver are rumored to feature on the upcoming LP. Radio Silence, expected to drop in the first half of this year, could be a dark horse for album of the year.

Kanye West

Speaking of Yeezy, the L.A.-based rapper is expected to release his seventh studio album, So Help Me God, sometime this year. Although not exactly new to his music, the LP is expected to contain multiple allusions to religion, and the potential album cover is a thirteenth century Monastic symbol. Knowing West, this will certainly be one of the most divisive releases of the year, so expect a lot of vulgarity and provocative material.


This one might be more hopeful and less likely than the rest. After releasing the song “Go,” along with an accompanying music video in summer of 2014, she was met with harsh criticism from fans claiming she was “panning to the mainstream.” The Canadian songstress certainly gained an ardent fan base after her monumental album Visions in 2012, so she decided to scrap her entire upcoming LP. We can only hope she changes her mind, or has more material in her back pocket.


There has already been one genre-bending magnum opus released this year, in the form of Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly. So does anyone have room for seconds? The Oxfordshire lads have been in the studio since last September working on a follow up to 2011’s The King of Limbs, and it is expected to be one of the biggest and most critically praised albums of 2015. Although no one can quite expect what this release will sound like, it is sure to stimulate the taste buds of eager fans and music listeners everywhere.

Daniel Leopold, senior staff writer

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