Nine Songs To Help You Power Through The Week

Music can dictate the way we go through our week. A great song can get us out of a Monday slump, power us through a Wednesday or Thursday, and could even get us dancing on the weekend. Here are nine songs to try and help improve the sounds of your week.


Tame Impala – “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”

At some point, everyone catches a case of the Mondays. You fight the covers to try and pull yourself out of bed. The shower only has cold water, and you show up late for class. The work from your classes slowly piles up, making you believe that there is no end in sight. Everything seems to be pulling you down, but you fight through the slump because Friday is only four days away.


Mac Demarco – “Another One”

Tuesday slowly starts to make the week pick up. You decide you aren’t going to bum it today and put on a decent outfit. It isn’t as hard to get around campus because of the inspiration you receive from the weekend being a day closer. Even though there are more long days ahead, Tuesday is the time to shake away a bad Monday.


FKA Twigs – “Two Weeks”

You realize you are halfway through the week, so it is time to rally. The workload you once feared on Monday has been cut down in size. That oncelong walk to class feels so much shorter. Even though the weekend is still a few days away, you can still smile knowing that you’ve made it through the worst days the week has to offer. 


Phoenix – “Lisztomania”

Thursday serves as the final challenge before the weekend. You have faced most of the work that you‘ve received for the week. The day seems to roll on as long as a Monday, but it’s only because you are so close to the weekend. You fight through knowing that this is the last hill you need to get over before you are able to get to the weekend.

Friday morning:

Florence and the Machine – “The Dog Days are Over”

It’s almost the weekend! You jump out of bed rather than crawl. The day seems to fly by like a breeze. Most of your homework for the week is finished so you are able to focus on the night ahead. There is more of a spring in your step. A great start to the day sets up an even better night.

Friday night: 

Arctic Monkeys – “R U Mine”

Friday night is the time to let it all out. You’ve survived a week full of classes and assignments, so it‘s time to celebrate. Friday night goes by quickly, almost too quickly. There is barely enough time in the night to do everything you want, but you roll on through the night having as much fun as you can.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “Swing Lo Magellan”

This is the first crash of your weekend. The first thing you do is try to piece together last night. You are exhausted from partying all night, so you trade in doing your homework for a nice Netflix session or a game of college football. This is part of the day that you usually relax and wait for the next round of partying.

Saturday night:

Clean Bandit – “Rather Be” ft Jess Glynne

You are recharged from yesterday’s partying and decide you are ready for round two. You find your best outfit and go meet up with your friends. The night goes by quicker than Friday. Everything feels like a blur as you travel from house to house. The night feels like it goes on forever until you fall asleep.


U2 – “Sunday, Bloody Sunday”

Sunday is when the sadness finally sets in again. The weekend has finally hit its tail end. You remember the mountain of homework you didn’t do on Saturday and groan in sadness. You grudge around trying to find your bearings after last night’s festivities. Sunday may serve as the end, but you are still able to have some free time to yourself. The day slowly winds down as the dread of going to class on Monday sets in again.

-Sean Lynch

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