Can Limitless Stand on its own Two Feet?

Limitless; the opportunities for this show were actually quite limitless. The show’s first 15 minutes are eerily similar to the motion picture. Protagonist Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) and Edward Nora (Bradley Cooper) have an instant addiction to NZT, an illegal drug that virtually lets a person use all of their brain power. They can learn languages in hours, predict the rise and fall of stocks. Both Finch and Nora are unsuccessful creatives and have fractured relationships with their loved ones, making them the underdogs in the show, we find ourselves rooting for them the entire time.

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As for the success of the movie, Cooper was the single reason it was so great. Now, his appearance in the show is what put me on the edge of my seat. His character, Nora picks up Finch, explains to him what exactly NZT is and even gives him more pills…for a price. Nora needs Finch to be his eyes and ears, but that isn’t the reason it’s so enticing, the hook is that nobody knows why Nora needs Finch. The motion picture ended with Cooper running for State Senator. Is his motive to further his political standing or is it to find out the origins of NZT? This is sure to be a storyline throughout the rest of the season.

Finch is constantly put in situations that have fans sympathize with him. First, he’s seen as extremely lonely, unsuccessful, and then feeling helpless when he cannot help his loved ones. Everyone watching the show wants him to prosper, wants him to overcome these struggles, but at what price? About halfway through the episode he seems completely dependent on the drug (wow, that was quick). His tragic flaw was revealed and put out there for fans to feel even worse for him.

Overall, I would give the episode 2.5 stars out of 5. The show has many different stories to pull at, hopefully keeping fans engaged, but can they do that? Will the show constantly be saved by Cooper’s appearances or can McDorman give a performance to make fans want him as the NZT cover boy?

Limitless airs on CBS Tuesdays at 10pm.

Luis Rosario

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