Life without McDreamy: A recap of Grey’s Anatomy’s season 12 premiere

Season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy premiered last night on ABC, and it was surprisingly good for considering it was the first episode without Patrick Dempsey. I laughed, I cried, I oogled the new intern. So let’s start talking about my predictions that I made a week prior to the premier.

Meredith did end up moving into her old house with Maggie and Amelia. However, it didn’t start off great because Amelia began her morning by creating a huge hole in the living room wall, which created tension between her and Meredith. But they got over it by the end of the episode.

Kepner came back from Iraq, but Avery was not too keen about her arrival. Who is supposed to love her and be there for her? I guess that relationship might be ending sooner than I thought.

Karev and Jo are still a really strong couple in the series. They ended up buying a place of their own in town and fixed it up really nicely! They seem extremely happy. While on the topics of couples, Arizona and Callie are on good terms. Though they aren’t together, they seem to be getting along pretty well just as friends. Amelia and Hunt…well let’s just say things are going really well for their budding romance.

BAILEY! BAILEY IS NOW THE CHIEF OF SURGERY!! Sorry for those who haven’t seen the first episode yet. But Dr. Bailey is now the new Chief of Surgery, and she earned that spot. She also gave a killer speech during her surgery to the board, which even I found motivational.

As for that new intern that I have googly eyes for, Dr. DeLuca, he was barely in the first episode! I was pretty disappointed. I thought he would’ve had a bigger role in the first episode. But Arizona is looking for a roommate, and it looks like it might be him! Don’t worry, though – Arizona doesn’t have a thing for him.

This episode explored an issue prevalent in today’s society: bullying. Two young girls tried committing suicide because they thought it was the only way for them to be together. It hit home for some characters, like Callie. The mother of one of the daughters was to blame for her suicide attempt because she was homophobic and bullied her daughter a lot. It shows how one’s judgement can severely affect someone. Fortunately, the mother got a reality check. Both girls survived and, despite the mother’s objections, are still together.

If you haven’t watched the first episode yet, you can go to and watch it there. Do it quickly though so you’ll be caught up for the second episode next Thursday!


– Julia Rodriguez


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