Fetty Wap Makes Waves

Fetty Wap emerged from thin air this year, proving to be one of the largest breakthrough artists of 2015. With four of his singles reaching the Billboard top 10 and numerous BET award nominations, Wap is already slated for success. Wap’s self titled album is a culmination of the best songs he released this year as well as a few new songs.

Wap’s challenge is the change from mixtapes to albums. Wap has released a whole bunch of singles and mixtapes, but his album carries 20 songs, which is a tall order for any artist’s’ debut. Wap made it easy on himself by using the best singles he released as well as the most popular songs from his mixtapes.

“679” is a song that thrives off of its strong production. The beat is rapid and gives off a large amount of energy. Fetty changes his vocals for rapping and shows that he can rap as well as he can sing. The track proves to be one of Monty’s best as his raps roll with the beat. Monty has some of his best vocal parts on this track, making up for some of the struggles he had with his sound on “Jugg” and “Time.”

“My Way” is one of the strongest songs off of the album. Wap’s hook comes off as smooth and helps the transitions of the song feel natural. Monty’s rap gives the song some mellowness with his relaxed flow. For some collaborations, it sounds as if the artists are trying to battle to have the best part on a song. Wap & Monty sounds more like a team effort, feeding off of each other’s energy to share a great sound on the track.

“RGF Island” changes it up by sounding more passionate rather than club banger. Wap’s voice comes off as softer and sounds more rhythmic. The song also shows the range that Wap has because he sings at a higher pitch than most of the other songs on the album.

“Jugg” is one of the newer songs that Wap has released for the album. The beat sounds great with heavy percussion and fluffy synths. Monty does not have the best vocal feature on the song because he is very brash with his vocals. The ends sound loud and are reminiscent to the sound an air horn makes.

Fetty Wap used his self titled album to combine the best material he had over the course of the past two years. Wap proved that he can be great through the buzz that “Trap Queen” and “My Way” received. The concern for the album comes from the newer material we have not heard. Some of the songs don’t stack up to the reputation that his singles have. Even with a minor slip up, Fetty’s self titled album is going to make huge waves across the charts.

Sean Lynch

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