Fashion accounts to follow on Instagram

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“I thought I liked my clothes, but then I saw some on Instagram.”-Anonymous

 From beachy clothing to luxury wear, Instagram is the place to go to find bloggers who show off the latest and trendiest clothing and accessories.  However, with millions of accounts out there, how does one find the best of the best fashion accounts to follow?  I have always been a fan of fashion try to keep up to date with the newest chapter of the industry.

Here are some of my favorite fashion Instagram accounts:



Charlotte G’s Instagram is a more couture fashion media.  She captures not only herself, but high-end models on the runway in action.  The clothes and accessories she shows off are very expensive and chic.


delicate deets from @keepsakethelabel 🐚

A photo posted by Planet Blue (@shopplanetblue) on Sep 28, 2015 at 3:19pm PDT


Planet Blue is a clothing store that promotes its product through Instagram.  Their clothes are a bit more on the expensive side compared to brands like American Eagle and Forever 21 but are still achievable.  This Instagram exudes more of a boho-vintage vibe in its pictures.  Many of the pictures include lace and floral and can be worn both in casual and dressy settings.  This is my favorite fashion Instagram because I love the laid-back look it has and how classy the models look at the same time.

She wears her style on her sleeve | 📷: @grantlegan

A photo posted by Camille Charrière (@camtyox) on Sep 28, 2015 at 4:49am PDT


Camille Charriere demonstrates more of a ‘street style’ in her Instagram. She loves more of a dressy pants look and a disheveled yet business look as well. Neutral colors are a theme too. As you can see from the two pictures taken from her Instagram above, Charriere uses colors such as browns, reds, whites, and shades of tan. Her fashion account stands out to me because of its realistic approach.
Instagram is an outlet for millions of users around the world. Fashion is a major part of this social media. Aspiring photographers, fashion bloggers, and even fashion designers are posting pictures of their fashion sense for the world to see and critique. The three accounts above are just a few of many that can be found on Instagram. Going through different fashion blogs or Instagram accounts can give one new ideas for their wardrobe or even make them want to go out and buy the clothing seen in the pictures…I know I always end up buying something.
-Shannon Nichols


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