Adele says “Hello” to the charts after a three-year hiatus

Adele shook up the iTunes charts with the release of her first song in three years. The song serves as the first single off of her new album 25 which is due out on Nov. 20.

“Hello” also set records on Vevo for most single day views with 22.7 million views. Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video, which received 20.1 million views on May 17, was the song that held the record. The song has topped the charts for downloads as well; Billboard reports that the track sold 450,000 copies during its first 48 hours on sale.

The music video for “Hello” is haunting and emotionally driven. Director Xavier Dolan was chosen by Adele to create the music video. Set in black and white, the video depicts Adele trying to complete a call as she sees flashbacks of her lover that lead to a larger view of the story. She walks around the house searching for a phone to try and connect back to her lover. The video is the first to be partially shot with IMAX cameras, leaving visually stunning effects.

Still from Adele’s music video for “Hello.”
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The song has caught the eyes of many celebrities including Lena Dunham and Katy Perry. It has also caught the attention of Lionel Richie who posted an Instagram photo about the song. The photo depicts Adele talking to Richie during his music video for his song with the same name. Richie said in the caption “HELLO @adele is it me you’re looking for… 📞 #hello.”

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With the release of “Hello,” Adele is looking to come back as a force in the music industry. If the track is any indication of what 25 is going to be, then fans can expect the same powerful Adele they fell in love with on 21.

-Sean Lynch

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