Spectre brings the action Skyfall was missing


Image courtesy of imdb.com
Image courtesy of imdb.com

James Bond is not usually one to turn down adventures. Spectre shows the globe-spanning spy in action-packed scenarios as he tries to take down SPECTRE. The movie pays homage to classic Bond movies and never seems to turn down the action as Bond acts out his missions.

The movie begins with M (played by Judi Dench) sending Bond a posthumous message in Mexico amid a Day of the Dead celebration. Bond kills two men planning to blow up a stadium and chases Marco Sciarra down the streets of Mexico, ending with a battle between Bond and Sciarra.

Bond comes back from Mexico and finds that he has been suspended by the new M (played by Ralph Fiennes) through orders of Max Denbigh (Andrew Scott) who is trying to close down the “00” sector because he feels that it is outdated.

Bond disobeys orders when he heads to Rome and visits Sciarra’s widow, who tells Bond about SPECTRE and its intentions. Bond is found out and leads the villains on a car chase through Rome. Bond’s adventures lead him to other parts of the globe including Austria and Morocco as he fights off henchmen on his mission to stop the “Nine Eyes” program.

The cast had some of their most spectacular performances to date. Daniel Craig played the current Bond that we have come to love in Skyfall. Christoph Waltz plays Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Menacing and ruthless, Waltz recreates a classic Bond villain with some modern touches to Blofeld.

Even though Spectre is more action packed than Skyfall , it doesn’t live up to the potential of Skyfall. With Skyfall, the movie was more emotionally driven with less action scenes and death to main characters in the series. While Spectre fails to capture that emotion from Skyfall, we are shown an imperfect Bond character. Even if Spectre is the final movie in the Bond series for Craig, we have seen him stay true to his character throughout. Spectre may not stand as one of the best Bond movies, but it is still entertaining and action-packed as you would want a James Bond movie to be.

– Sean Lynch

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